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Fire Safety & Home Security > Clover

Super Hi-Res Dual Lens ET Camera Produces Extraordinary Picture Quality; Perfect for Viewing Hallways and Expansive areas; Offers Two Separate Cameras in One Housing; Rugged Steel Weather-Resistant Construction; Improved Circuitry for a Better CCTV Camera; Camera Covers 180° Angle of View Without any Blind Spots for a Panoramic View when Used with a Quad Splitter or DVR; Comes Complete with Hardware Accessories Kit, Attached Universal Mounting Bracket, 100' Long Cable and Instruction Manual Product Specifications : Image Sensor: 1/3" Sony Super HAD CCD, 510H x 492V; Scanning System: 525 Lines, 2:1 Interlace; Horizontal Resolution: 420 TV Lines; Shutter Speed: Auto, Manual (1/60 to 1/100,000 sec); Sync. System: Internal; S/N Ratio: More than 46db (AGC off); Minimum Illumination: 0.1 Lux / LEDs off; Video Output: Composite 1.0Vp-p @75 Ω; AGC: Auto; White Balance: Auto; Lens: 3.8mm + 3.8mm Fixed Lens (180°); Current Consumption: 200mA Max @DC12V; Power Supply: DC 12V, 250mA; 54" Lead for Easy Installation; Operating Temperature: 14°F to 122°F
Product Features: 
Technical Details   
+Model: HDC500

Surveillance Cameras > Bullet Cameras > DIGIAIR

Infrared Lenses are special designed for use with Day/Night cameras. They eliminate focus shift in the night mode, especially in the presence of IR lighting. IR lenses' employment of advanced optical designs and special glass, eliminates the shifts of focus point in Day and Night. Rays of light from both spectrums are focused onto the same focal plane, resulting in sharp images for IR cameras. The Supra IR is an all-in-one, day/night camera that captures images in all lighting conditions, with a built-in long range IR illuminator. The camera provides color images in bright lighting conditions, and automatically adjusts to black-and-white images when the light level drops. Even in complete darkness, the Supra IR provides clear, accurate images with the support of 26 infrared illuminators. The Supra IR camera has a weatherproof housing and sunshield. It comes fully assembled, pre-wired and pre-focused for easy installation and the new Universal Bracket provides for quick pan/tilt camera adjustment. All brand new in box. Note: This camera not made by SONY, it uses SONY Super HAD CCD image sensor and SONY DSP technology, made by one of the world largest OEM manufactures. Free universal mounting bracket and 12vdc 500mA regulated UL listed power supply included, and free 100ft video power camera cable.
Product Features:
+1/3" Sony CCD Technology;420 TV lines high resolution;Water, dust and crush resistant glass coating
+Infrared Lenses f 3.6mm super wide angle;0 lux with IR LED
+Built in IR illuminator effective up to 54 feet 35 °and light senor;Dimensions (L x Dia.) 5" x 2.5"
+Video out:composite output 1.0Vp-p at 75-ohm;Electronic shutter 1/50 - 1/12000 seconds;Auto iris AES
+Free universal mounting bracket and 12vdc 500mA regulated UL listed power supply included, free 100ft video power camera cable ; free 1 DeCal 3"x2"
Technical Details  
Model: 1OF

Digital Security Recorders > Ultra Compact Internet Accessible DVR Security System > Defender

Feel secure with the DVR that does it all. The DFDVR2 is a complete security package that comes with everything you need to set up an effective surveillance and recording system. The DVR has an integrated hi-res LCD screen, which includes an LCD on/off switch for power saving. It also comes equipped with a 160 gigabyte Seagate hard drive, which allows you to store up to 40 days of footage. The Seagate HDD has been optimized for the DVR, allowing for faster speed and cooler operation. This DVR is Internet Ready, which means you can view your cameras live from anywhere in the world! You can also play back recorded footage and adjust your DVR's settings over the web, which will give you peace of mind when you are away from your home or business. The web software is easy to install and is password protected, ensuring that only you can access your DVR. This system comes with 4 outdoor CCD cameras. The high quality CCD image sensors in these cameras provide a clear, crisp and consistent picture. They also allow you to distinguish facial features, which can help in the positive identification of suspects. The cameras also have built-in IR night vision, which allows you to see in the dark up to 15 feet away! This is made possible by 12 IR LEDs that automatically activate when it gets dark (CDS sensor), for day and night viewing. The DVR's menu system is easy to navigate. Use either the included mouse, or control the DVR with the included IR remote. This DVR also supports USB flash drives, for easy transferring and archiving of your recorded footage. List of Contents: 160GB Internet Accessible Security DVR, 4 outdoor night vision cameras, 4 camera mounts, optical PS/2 mouse, remote control, software CD, 10ft RJ-45 Ethernet cable, 4 60ft 4 PIN DIN to RCA (male)/power cables, 6 RCA to BNC connectors, DVR power adapter, 4 camera power adapters, mounting hardware, 4 window warning stickers, quick start guide, instruction manual, 1 year manufacturer's warranty.
Product Features:
+Store up to 40 days of footage on the 160GB hard drive
+Four hi-res outdoor CCD cameras provide a clear, crisp and enhanced picture
+View live or recorded footage from any computer with Internet Explorer, anywhere in the world
+Place this DVR virtually anywhere with its compact size (smaller than a toaster)
+Cameras come equipped with 12 infrared LEDs that allow you to see in the dark, up to 15 feet away
Technical Details   
+Model: DFDVR2

Surveillance Video Recorders > Digital Security Recorders > DNT Tech

This is a 8 channels H.264 format DVR system which can support up to 4 BNC Video input. and 8 RCA Audio input. All the data will save to the Hard drive first and then you can back it up to USB flash drive. It comes with 10/100 Ethernet ports that you can connect DVR to the internet and you can live view, playback the image anywhere by using Internet Explorer 6 or above. Build-in CMS function can help you monitoring different location's DVR at the same time. Utilize graphic user interface, intuitive and easy-to-user for navigation OSD menu, high efficient for rapid response to the menu, easy to identify and set up for user. True Sextuple operation simultaneously Non-interference: Preview, recording, playback, backup and network operation at the same time. System auto recovery to power after power reconnected,and Return to the pre-power-down state.
Technical Details:
+Support IE browser centralized monitoring and CMS Software for multiple DVR
+Multiple channel playback at the same time
+USB Backup/VGA output/8 Audio input
+support SATA hard drive up to 1TB

Security & Surveillance > CCTV > VideoSecu

This cost effective dome camera video security system are a great choice for restaurants, stores, offices, homes or anywhere requiring video security that blends into the environment. The 8 CCD cameras deliver razor sharp resolution-- 420 lines. The cameras deliver a wide angle of view with their 3.6mm lenses. Pan/tilt adjustments let you position the cameras in just seconds. The eight cameras come with their own all-in-one video/power cables which are easy to install. Simply install the DVR card in your PC, load driver and software, connect camera to your PC based DVR and connect to the power supplies. Your DVR system will displays all eight cameras at one screen, or a sequential view and also brings a live camera full screen even while all four are being recorded. The video is recorded to the computers hard drive in a compressed format. This compression allows a huge amount of video to be stored, it recording continuously for all 8 cameras. These systems do not require daily scheduled action to maintain the video recordings. They record video to the hard drive until a certain amount of disk space is left. Then the system will delete the oldest clips and record the new video. The video is played back on the computer monitor or burned to a CD. You can also print or save a jpeg image of any specific video frame. These systems allow you to view and playback any combination of cameras without interrupting the systems recording process. Package includes: 8 Color CCD Cameras 6 - 50' Power / Video Cables 2 - 150' Power / Video Cables power supply for 8 cameras 2 DVR 4 channel Card DVR software You provide the PC. Integrate with your PC, this DIY kit has all the hardware you need to set up a professional CCTV system. Free 1 larger (11.5"x8.3") surveillance warning sticker, 8 small (3"x2") free surveillance warning stickers.
Technical Details:
+Monitoring Supports up to 16 Cameras ( Additional hardware required) ,1, 4, 7, 9, 13, 16 screen split selection
+Recording H.263 based Compression Algorithm: Average files size under medium compression rate: 2~4KB (320X240); Independent event setup for each camera; Auto camera error detection and substitution recording
+Audio 1 Channel Audio Input, Two-way audio communication; Replay and search easy of use search function; Supports 11 level of replay speed
+Remote control using network Remote replay; record and control via LAN, ADSL, PSTN, ISDN; Motion Detection User defined motion detection area; Supports 5 level of motion detection sensitivity
+Self-checking & recovery Watch-Dog function, Log file; free 1 larger (11.5"x8.3") surveillance warning sticker , 8 small (3"x2") free surveillance warning stickers

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