Sunday, January 31, 2010

Home security > Color LCD Wireless Surveillance System

This new ultra digital wireless technology provides secure video with exceptional image quality and crisp audio. The encrypted frequency hopping technology guarantees privacy and prevents traditional interference from other technology devices such as cordless phones, wireless routers and microwave ovens.  
Product Features:
+450 ft. Open Space Range with interferace free, secure reception
+The ability to connect to any DVD Recorder, VCR or TV with included A/V cable
+Add up to 3 additional color cameras to this system
+Camera features 15 ft. Night Vision and built-in battery compartment for optional portability
+2.4-inch color LCD monitor enables good quality listen in audio, audio level indicator and out of range safety warning
Technical Details:  
Model: LW2002W
Amazon Verified Purchase
Reviewed by: Alex Luch (Boston, United States)
Excellent system, good value, September 7, 2008
I looked at the other two similar systems available and this one is the best in my opinion:
Setup is extremely easy - charge and turn on. Picture quality both day and night vision are excellent.
Camera can be rotated at good variety of angles and can be battery powered (though night vision would drain batteries quickly).
It's digital, so neighbors can't see your cameras and you can't see theirs instead of yours.
What differentiated this from the other ones for me was:
1) availability of additional cameras, up to 4 that can be monitored from same receiver, and
2) this system uses Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum technology, so it can co-exist with your 802.11b/g access points. I was able to use my laptop over 802.11g just fine while using the camera receiver right next to it. 

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Home security > Wireless Motion Sensor Alarm and Chime Kit

U.S. Patrol is a state-of-the-art wireless alarm system kit for homes and businesses. It is user-friendly easy to use protecting homes/businesses at a minimum cost of investment. No installation required and self-monitoring alarm system without monthly fees is a key benefit for users. The system is motion sensored and alerts you with a piercing alarm for security or acts as a pleasant door chime for your home or business. Includes 2 easy on/off remotes and each measures 5 x 4 Wall Mountable. Motion Sensor alarm and chime requires 4 AA Batteries each (not included) and each remote requires 3 AG13 Button Cell Batteries (included). Get piece of mind with our 2 in 1 affordable Motion Sensor Alarm and Chime Kit. Great for doors, garages, sheds and more. 2 Pack includes 2 Motion Sensor and Chime Pads with 4 Remotes.
Technical Details:
+2 in 1 Motion Sensor Alarm and Chime
+Piercng Alarm For Security or Pleasant Chime for Home or Business
+No Installation Required
+Wall Mountable
+2 Pack Inlcudes 2 Motion Sensor Alarm and Chime with 4 Remotes
Great sensors and definitely buy these before you go further with cameras or other surveillance equipment. These can save you a lot of money from the way they perform in the security aspect of home security.

Security > Self Defense Red Pepper Spray

Maximum Strength Pepper Spray. Formulation Legal in All 50 States. Causes a Severe Burning sensation in the eyes with copious tears, coughing and difficulty breathing. The eyes close involuntarily, the nose runs and moist skin stings. 
Product Features:
+NYPD Carries Sabre
+Contains 25 Burts ... Just in Case you encounter more than one attacker!
+Spray reaches 8 to 10 feet Away
+**For Self Defense Only**
+Free Quick Release Key Ring Included
Technical Details:  
+Model: HC-14-PK-US

Home security > Smart Home Wireless Alarm System Kit

The GE51107 Personal Security Alarm Kit couldn't be any easier to install. Simply mount the deluxe door alarm and any of the window alarms using either double-sided tape or screws (included). Next, check that the batteries are fresh using the battery test switch or low battery indicator. It's that easy! There's no wiring involved, so the kit is simple for anyone to install.
Technical Details:
+120-Decibel alarm sounds when window or door is opened
+Easy to install with no wiring necessary
+Door alarm uses 4-digit keypad to set security code for arming/disarming
+Alarm delay feature avoids false triggering
+Three window alarms included
Reviewed by: P. Nguyen (Los Angeles, CA)
works as advertised., June 18, 2008
simple installation. just make sure you play with the window pieces first before actually sticking them on. the window units are actually simplistic - can be turned off or remove, crushed, or thrown away by the intruder. alarm is very loud but can be suffocated with a piece of cloth. so, it works as advertised but may not be effective against sophisticated intruder(s).

Home security > Warning Stickers

The Intermatic window sticker provides safety, security and peace of mind. This sticker warning makes would-be intruders think twice. Easily mounting to windows, this set includes four security stickers. It comes with a 6-year limited warranty.
Technical Details:
+Window sticker provides safety, security and peace of mind
+Makes would-be intruders think twice
+Easily applies to windows
+Includes 4 security stickers
+6-year limited warranty
Amazon Verified Purchase
Reviewed by: Faye L. Bowring (Tucson, AZ) 
Look professional!, April 30, 2008
I am glad I ordered these security window/door warnings. There are four in a pack and are easy to apply to a CLEAN surface.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Prevent Silver and Costume Jewelry From Tarnishing

There's nothing worse than digging out that perfect accessory only to find that it's tarnished. To keep your costume and silver jewelry sparkling like new, leave a piece of chalk in your jewelry box at all times. The chalk soaks up the sulfur compounds that blacken the pieces, so they'll be ready to wear on any occasion.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Surveillance Video Recorders > Mini Portable DVR > Digital Video Recorder

Want to not only monitor your home or business but also record what the camera is viewing? The CVP800 is a miniature portable digital video recorder that provides you with the ability to record camera images on a SD card. Set it to record on motion detection or at a scheduled time. The search and play option and the time and date stamp allow you to find the footage you need with ease. The CVP800 also ensures you do not miss a sound or voice with its audio function. A 512MB card provides up to seven hours and forty minutes of recording time and up to 30 frames per second, and a 128MB card is included. Use the CVP800 with most SVAT wired cameras using the included A/V cables. This small and portable device will perform wherever needed and is quick and easy to set up and to use. Use the included AC adapter for power and included A/V cables to output the images to your TV or computer.
Product Features:
+Removable storage (SD card recording. 128 MB SD card included)
+MPEG-4 compression with audio
+Motion detection and scheduled recording options
+Easy to set up and use
+Records at 12, 24 and 30 FPS
Technical Details
+Model: CVP800
Decent Customer Review:
Using it in my car for 1+ year...flawless, October 2, 2008
By Sam (Sunnyvale, CA United States)
There's no other DVR of it's type that I could find.
I have it in my glove box wired to a forward seeing sony lipstick cam and
microphone for insurance reasons.
I set this thing to record at full frames full fps and
to always record when powered.
So it only records when I have the key in the ignition and
save about 3 hours worth on a 2GB card. Hasn't failed me yet.

Outdoor CCD Security Camera > Long Range Night Vision > SVAT

Want a professional security camera that is durable, stylish and can see in the dark? The Clearvu Pro 31 is a quality surveillance camera that has all these features and more. Its high resolution (420 TV lines) and sharp color CCD sensor assures you crystal clear imaging both day and night, indoors and outdoors. The night vision capabilities of the CV31 are astounding. It features 24 built-in infrared LEDs that allow you to see your camera's video in the dark, illuminating surrounding objects up to 45 feet away! The built-in CDS sensor will automatically turn on the LEDs only when it gets dark, which saves on energy costs. The camera's stylish housing is made of anodized aluminum that protects the camera and will not rust. It is dust proof and rain proof, and will even protect the camera from low pressure jets of water coming from any direction (IP rating: IP65). This camera can be easily connected to your TV, VCR, computer or DVR through its RCA connection. The mounting bracket has a large range of motion so you can monitor a large area of your property.
Product Features
+24 infrared LEDs illuminate up to 45 feet away in the dark
+High-resolution camera produces images of 420 horizontal lines
+Weather-resistant casing for indoor and outdoor use
+CDS sensor automatically activates night vision
+Housing made of anodized aluminum to prevent rust
Technical Details
+Model: CV31B
Decent Customer Review:
Nice camera for the price, December 23, 2008
By spjinseattle (Seattle, WA)
This is a very nice camera, and the housing is solid and functional in terms of getting the viewing angle you need and
keeping the camera out of the elements.
The 60' cord included is great, and since it's an RCA connection,
if you need more distance ANY RCA audio/video cable will work (eg; I used an old 50' mono/phono RCA cable added to the cable provided and
it works fine). I have two of these cameras hooked up to a Slingbox for remote monitoring of our family vacation cabin.
The picture in any type of daylight, including twilight, is great.
The night vision leaves a little to be desired BUT with any additional light source it works very well.
Past 15 feet in total darkness the infrared is only good for seeing objects which reflect light,
such as license plates.
Another nice thing about the infrared is the suble red light which makes the camera visible in darknes -a good deterent in total darkness.

Surveillance Cameras > Wireless Outdoor Color Nightvision > SVAT

Want to see and hear everything outside your home or business at all times without the presence of wires? Then the WSE201 system is for you. The small but powerful bullethole camera is wireless and features automatic night vision (CDS sensor). As soon as it gets dark the infrared LEDs will activate and provide you with a clear view of everything, even in complete darkness! Plus, this camera has a built-in microphone, so you won't miss a thing. The camera sends video wirelessly to the receiver, which can be connected to a TV, VCR, or DVR for viewing and recording purposes. Two additional cameras can be connected to this system, and you can set the receiver to cycle through each one. This system is ideal for monitoring your children playing outside, or for preventing theft and vandalism outside your home or business. The camera is constructed with aluminum casing for ultra durability. It is powered by the included AC adapter, or for ultimate portability, plug it into a 9-volt battery and place the camera virtually anywhere!
Product Features:
+Easy plug and play installation
+8 infrared LEDs lets you see in the dark
+Built-in microphone for audio
+Durable aluminum casing (camera)
+System supports up to 3 separate cameras
Technical Details
+Model: WSE201
Decent Customer Review:
Great System - True to the description., June 15, 2007
By I. Brown (Oakland, CA.)
I needed an easy to use plug and play security camera system to monitor the outside of my home. I had it up and running minutes after I opened the box. The only thing to damper my excitement was that it did not come with the 9Volt battery needed to utlilize the wireless capability of the camrea. Check the SVAT website for a copy of the user instructions to see how easy it really is to use this system.
The overall image quality is excellent when there is good light, but at night or in low light it is hard to make out details. But for a beginner level system that is super easy to set up and use, this can't be beat.

Unwired > Surveillance Cameras

Expand the range of your current GigaXtreme wireless system with this camera.
Product Features:
+Additional Camera for GX5150 system
+Eight Infrared LEDs let you see in the dark
+Camera battery operable (uses GX515B rechargeable battery)
+Comes will all necessary power adapters.
+Manual night vision activation
Technical Details:
+Model: GX515
Decent Customer Review:
I am happy with it!, January 20, 2008
By Chicago Mom
This is my second baby monitor purchase since my baby (now 15 months) was born.
This is an easy to use monitor that displays a clear image of my baby (I can even see if his eyes are open in the dark!).
Great buy.

Security Monitors & Displays > 4-Inch TFT LCD Portable CCTV Installation and Test Monitor

The SPECO VMS-2 Portable CCTV Installation/Test Monitor is an installer's dream, featuring an ultra-bright, high-resolution display that makes camera adjustments a snap in even the brightest conditions. This unit utilizes a four-inch color TFT active-matrix LCD (liquid crystal display) screen with 480 x 234 effective pixels of resolution. The VMS-2 operates on the NTSC TV system, and includes a standard RCA video input and a phone-jack that allows you to test and monitor audio if available. This test-monitor comes with a lightweight, soft carrying case that can be worn over the shoulder, or around the waist, for convenient viewing under trying conditions. The VMS-2 runs off of a rechargeable battery that takes approximately eight hours to charge, and provides the monitor with up to four hours of operating life. This unit comes complete with a battery charger and video cable, and measures 6 x 3 x 5 inches (W x D x H) in dimension.
Product Features:
+Uses a four-inch color TFT active-matrix LCD flat-screen
+Ultra-bright, high-resolution display makes camera adjustments a snap in even the brightest conditions
+Built-in RCA video input and a phone-jack that allows you to test audio if available
+Includes a lightweight, soft carrying case that can be worn over the shoulder, or around the waist, for convenient viewing
+Runs on a rechargeable battery that takes 8 hours to charge, and provides 4 hours of operating life
Technical Details 
Model: VMS-2