Saturday, July 31, 2010

Top 10 Runway picks: OVERKNEES in fall 2010 rtw collections

1. Christian Dior Photobucket

2. Christian Dior Photobucket

3. Burberry Prorsum Photobucket

4. Christian Dior Photobucket

5. Christian Dior Photobucket

6. Burberry Prorsum Photobucket

7. Alexander McQueen Photobucket

8. Christian Dior Photobucket

9. Jean Paul Gaultier Photobucket

10. Dsquared Photobucket

How to wear overknees and keep it classy:
- Don`t show more than 5 centimeters skin above the overknees.

- The ideal skirt-length covers the top of the overknees, they should only show when you sit or walk.

- Keep the overknees in tone with the outfit.

- Lighter colours like greys or nude tones tone down the sex-appeal a little and make them compatible with daylight.

- Wear them to full skirts, shorts or over skinny pants.

- Pair your overknees with something playful like colourful tights or feminine materials like lace.

- White blouses and blazers add seriousness to any outfit - to overknees too ;)

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Friday, July 30, 2010

Retrospective: Tom Ford for Gucci Fall 2003

Part 2

It is still one of my favourite collections EVER and I am still totally stunned by the futuristic elegance Tom Ford gave this collection. I adore the strenght, fragility / feminity and dignity in it. I love how visionary but classy he keeps it and his art in tailoring. OH COME BACK, TOM! COME BACK! FASHION NEEDS YOU! *SIGH*

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Welcome to Feature Friday

Happy Friday! Welcome to Feature Friday from Lotus Blossom Design. This Fridays Feature is the: Chandelier Earrings with Clear Faceted Beads and Blue Matte Pearls. $8.00

So hurry and log on to

Guilty As Charged/ A Simple "Thank You" Would Do

Why is it every time a co-worker comments on my new shoes or blouse, I feel the need to blurt out: "I got them on clearance at Target!" A good find is a good find, and a girl cannot always reveal her secrets. I need to learn to say "thank you" and then zip my lips. If my peer then asks for details about my purchase, I will of course gladly divulge them.

Along the same lines, I am guilty of turning the sweetest compliment into a fault. I know this drives my husband crazy, and it is something I need to work on. Just the other day my boss complimented me on a shirt I was wearing. Even though I did thank her, I felt the need to tack on- "I like it too, but a button is missing." Why, oh, why do I do this? Why would I point out an obvious flaw? We need to accept our greatness and talents with a warm smile and gracious "thank you." I don't know about you, but I want to keep those compliments coming!



"Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.”--William Arthur Ward

"Les Predateurs" editorial by Karl Lagerfeld (in Numero Homme 19)






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Monday, July 26, 2010

Spa Tips for Home

Although I try to regulary keep up with my facials, I could never afford monthly spa visits. If I had my way, I would go once a week! I am sure many of you have done at home facials to relax and unwind. At least twice a month, I set time aside for an at home spa evening.

After watching my mother steam her face for years over the tea kettle, I have decided to follow in her footsteps. It is a great way to open up pores and feel refreshed. After a few minutes of steam, I put on a vitamin-c mask to rejuventate and wake up my tired skin. I slip on my YogaToes (Yes...they do work!) and put slices of cucumber on my tired eyes. It is so simple and so relaxing! I put my toes and feet through torture with wearing heels 5 or 6 days out of the week. YogaToes stretches my toes and helps them recuperate from the pain and stress of heels. Lastly, I sip on some wine or tension tamer tea. Even though I am not a luxury spa, I can still feel the stress of the day melt away!



Retrospective: Alexander McQueens wonderful "Widows of Culloden" collection (Fall 2006)

Part 2

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Welcome Michelle

I am very excited to introduce you to the newest member of the Lotus Blossom Design Blogger, Michelle. We have known each other from the days of raiding our mothers' wardrobes to play dress up; to dressing up and pretending to be En Vogue ever time their videos came on. Through the years we have ventured through every fashion trend (even the ones we should have left alone) only to each discover, in our time, it is us that makes us fashionable. I know you will enjoy Michelle’s sense of adventure and the fun style and beauty tips she has to offer.

Being recently married and working two jobs can be stressful! I am always looking for ways to update my look while still being true to my own style and budget. Being from the East Coast, San Diego offered a different outlook on beauty and fashion. The first few years I lived here were an awkward fashion crisis. Now I realize, I am at my best when I am being me! This includes unique boutique fashions and funky jewelry. Oh, and shoes... lots of shoes at discount prices!