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The LaserShield Wireless Burglar Alarm Kit is the first ever plug-and-go instant security system featuring an alarm and 24/7 professional grade emergency response service made especially for homes, apartments, campus housing, storage facilities and offices. Starter system protects up to 1200 square feet with each wireless detection unit. Up to 12 detection units can be added to one master alarm unit. Emergency Response available with Rapid Response Monitoring to summon authorities during an emergency. Monitoring is optional and requires NO long term contract. Activation details included with system.
Technical Details:
+Features include four panic buttons, built in 105 decibel siren, built in back up batteries, pet friendly, no programming, no installation, sets up as easy as a cordless phone; arms and disarms with the press of a button.
+Kit includes master alarm unit, wireless detection unit, 2 keychain remotes, pet shield, 5 window decals. All devices include panic buttons. Master alarm unit has up to 12 hours of backup batter power in the event of a power failure.
+24/7 Emergency Response Service starts at $19.95 per month. Monitoring is optional and requires no long term contract or credit check. Activation details included with system.
+Basic Starter Kit works with a standard phone line. Broadband (Sparrow) and GSM (Cyclone) Cellular adapters are available.
+Assembled dimensions (inches) Depth: 5.0 Height: 2.0 Width: 8.0 Weight: 2.5 lbs.
Reviewed by: Kurt L. Olney "Sealight" (vista, ca United States)
Excellent product for the money., June 11, 2008
Easy to set-up. The sensor had no trouble spotting me and sounding the alarm.
Criminals look for easy targets. When the alarm goes off, they are not going to stick around and load your goods into a moving truck.
Also, if you are home alone and you hear an intruder, just push the key chain remote panic button.
One of the older reviews complained about the unit not working. The unit is guaranteed and he should have returned it to LaserShield for a replacement.
As with all security systems, you must arm it when you leave the house or apartment and disarm it when you return.
And, additional security measures should always be taken--Lock your door! Use window locks! Light up the outside of your house or apartment and be vigilant of your surroundings.

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