Tuesday, August 16, 2011

5 Step Guide to Bowflex Bar

The Bowflex is a brand of home gym featuring several different models that use composite rods attached to cables to create resistance. You can work every part of your body on a Bowflex machine with all of the classic muscle building exercises, including the squat. Some Bowflex models have a squat bar attachment to hook on with a few adjustments.
Step 1
Remove the seat and leg extension from your Bowflex according to the directions for your specific model.
Step 2
Attach the clips on the low pulley cables to the clips on the straps of the squat bar.
Step 3
Stand on the platform with your feet facing away from the machine and shoulder-width apart.
Step 4
Bend your legs and position the bar across your shoulders. Adjust the strap if you don't have resistance at the bottom, so you will have resistance throughout the entire movement.
Step 5
Lift your chest high, arch your back slightly and keep your abdominals tensed. Stand straight up in a slow and even motion, and then squat back to the starting position and repeat.