Friday, August 19, 2011

Erica and Brittany Taltos: The Jersey Shore Twins!

Erica and Brittany Taltos probably didn't expect to become D-list celebrities when they decided to do a semester abroad in Florence, Italy. But now that they've achieved unexpected fame through their strange interactions with the Jersey Shore cast, the two University of Florida seniors seem to be loving every minute of it.

Erica and Brittany Taltos Photo

Snooki famously called Brittany a "whore" the first time The Situation brought the pretty young blonde back to the Shore house, but after witnessing the way Brittany and her twin sister, Erica, have latched on to the entire cast, it seems "fame whores" would be a more accurate insult. At first, it just seemed as though Brittany was a desperate young gal who had a thing for The Sitch (no accounting for taste), but then she brought her sister into the mix, and between the two of them, they hooked up with half the freakin' cast, regardless of gender.

Despite claiming to be a virgin, Erica literally hopped (she was drunk with her pants around her ankles) from Deena's bed to Vinny's in the same night. Some girls save themselves for marriage, Erica was apparently saving herself for a house full of spray-tanned guidos.

Since their unlikely rise to fame, the Taltos twins have been milking it for everything it's worth, engaging in bizarre publicity stunts such as posing for a photo shoot with a cardboard cut-out of The Situation, while wearing nothing but body paint. Sadly, it seems the twins time on the show is not yet over. Word on the street, however, is later this season they'll be involved in a near-violent run-in with a drunk Deena and Snooki. Stay classy, ladies!

Jersey Shore twins photoErica and Brittany Taltos Body Paint PhotoErica and Brittany Taltos pictureJersey Shore twins picture, Erica and Brittany TaltosBrittany and Eirca Taltos With The Situation in Florence


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