Saturday, August 20, 2011

Important Steps in Makeup Contouring

Makeup is an important mania for the women of today’s world to improve their self-confidence and outlook.  While talking about makeup contouring is one of the most important steps to give your face a sensuous look. Contouring has different techniques for different face cuts according to their shape and size.
Whether you have a round face or longish oval face, you can easily reduce its effect by contouring it. People with round face sometimes feel difficult to manage it; here are some contouring tips that will surely be helpful.

  • First of all, one has to have a right haircut to help reduce the effect of roundness and then contouring is there to create a magic. You have to cover the right sides of your face with straight vertical strokes of the brush.

  • Then cover the jaw line too as when you have a round face, it isn’t that prominent and you have to make an effort to make it so with the same contouring technique. You also need a depression in your cheeks for the complete look. For that you need to squeeze your cheeks and then follow the brush on your cheek bone, moving towards your lips.

  • If you have a nose that doesn’t have a defined shape and you want it to look thinner and a bit sharper, all you have to do is to cover the sides with dark strokes leaving out the tip because it will not block the length.

  • Some people have face cuts that make it difficult to name a shape of the face. One such example is a face cut with a broader jaw line and a narrow forehead. So they should not gel backed their hair because it will make forehead to look smaller.

  • Give your hair a little volume and a slight lift on the head to make a proper round shape. It will balance the width of your head with your jaw line. For the contouring, cover your jaw line in such a way that it should slightly cover the bone going towards the cheeks.

  • Apply a slightly darker blusher towards your ear and a gradual blending towards your lips to get a balanced shape.

  • Try out these makeup tips, and practice a lot instead of getting dishearten after the first try, as practice makes you perfect.