Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Miley Cyrus Inspired Makeup Tutorial.

Hey everyone!

This week's makeup tutorial is inspired by Miley Cyrus. As she is really young, Miley is well known for her fresh and young makeup. With this makeup your medolls will look fresh and also it will give them an autumn look.

This is the look that inspired us.

So let's start!

We made our medoll's features look like Miley's as much as possible.

Makup Steps.

1.Apply black eyeliner, but be shouldn't be applied in the kohl of the eyes.

2.Apply brown/maroon eye pensil only on the upper side of the eyes.

3.Apply just a small amount of brown/maroon eyeshadow.

4.Apply only volume mascara on both the eyes.

5.Apply bronze blush.

6.Apply nude lipstick and on top of that LUXE lipgloss.

This is the final look!

What do you think? In my opinion it really suits in our present as autumn approaches faster than we think.

Thanks for reading. I would like to thank Knockyoudown11 for being our model in this tutorial.

If you have any question or ideas for the next tutorial I would be glad to know. You can contact me in my email: or in my stardoll account: gogoulatzavella or simply leave a comment here.