Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Style Icon Cristiano Ronaldo

Why He is A Style Icon?

This Portuguese footballer has what it takes on and off the pitch, because his on-field athleticism makes being fashionable that much easier.
Clothes do not hang off his shoulders, they drape as he moves. And when he’s out of uniform, he’s always seen pulling off an sporty, laid-back, European-inspired look with his wardrobe -- from fitted white dress shirts to cropped leather bombers to slim-fit suits. His easygoing smile belies his aggression on the field playing for Real Madrid and his desire to push Portugal forward in the World Cup. However, there is always a youthful and direct nature to his time spent away from the game that is evident in his own personal style. Cristiano Ronaldo’s casual take on young and modern fashion is something the sporting world needs more of this year.