Friday, August 19, 2011

Supernatural Season 7: Jensen Ackles Reveals Spoilers

Supernatural’s Jensen Ackles has been dropping spoilers here and there when it comes to the Winchesters in their upcoming seventh season. Get the full report here and beware of spoilers! With Supernatural?s season 7 premiere just around the bend (September 23rd), series star Jensen Ackles, who plays Dean on the show alongside Jared Padalicki, in the role of his brother Sam, has revealed that most of the new year will zone in on the Winchester?s in their younger years, particularly Sam. And while the two main stars are in for a ride, Ackles also shared a little in regards to season seven?s plot. “Sam is dealing with more of a personal issue than Dean,” he explained Adding that “essentially the big topic [this season] is there’s a new evil in the world and the boys are going to have to combat it by pooling their [meagre] resources. It’s going to be a difficult situation for both [Dean and his brother Sam],? Ackles concluded. Also getting fans ready for the new season, actor Jim Beaver, aka Bobby Singer, is also dishing that there will be some changes to the format as well. Meanwhile, Kim Rhodes, who plays Sheriff Jody Mills, has [...]


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