Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Death Threats for Selena Gomez

 Nothing has outraged crazy fans of Bieber this much as Bieber-Gomez yacht cuddling session did!
Just hours after photos of Disney Queen Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber cuddling and kissing on a yacht in St. Lucia surfaced online, young girls have taken to Twitter to express their outrage.
In examples such as the Tweets below, simple fandom gives way to frightening obsession. Read for yourself:
@selenagomez I’ll kill you I swear on GOD!!!!
@selenagomez If you are the Girlfriend of Justin I will Kill you I HATE YOU :@ !!!
@selenagomez whore cancer i’mm kill myself cuz i saw you and Justin kissing well thankyou Selena thankyou now i’m killing myself
@selenagomez stay away from Justin pedophile, retard wait i’m gonna kill ya in the night underneath your smelly bed
Oh God! People chillax! If you’re really a fan of Justin Bieber, let him be happy!