Saturday, August 20, 2011

Reilly Johannsen Bio

Reilly Johannsen
Miss Texas' Outstanding Teen 2011
Hometown: Plano, Texas
Platform Issue: Reilly's Rules: Healthy Mind, Healthy Body
Hobbies: Dancing, Playing with my dogs, Dexter and Tank, Songwriting, Singing, Working out and  borrowing my sister's clothes without permission
Best advice I have received: The best advice I ever received came from my grandfather.  He told me to put God first, family second and work or school third.  In that way, there is a balance of all the things that are important and essential to living a happy and successful life.When I get stressed out I remember his words and prioritze my life in this way.  I find that it helps to keep me focused and centered on what really matters. 
Secret wish: My secret wish is to become a famous singer and songwriter.  I love writing original songs that capture my thoughts and feelings even though I rarely share them with anyone else.  I fantasize about singing one of my songs for a famous country artist or producer who would say "Wow! You are the going to be even bigger than Taylor Swift!"